Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Who is sexier? Part II

In celebration of the Fate/Stay Night movie announcement it is time to answer that age old question that has baffled mankind through the ages (other then if a frog can tap dance (yes I realize no one caught that reference)):

Who is the sexier Fate/Stay Night girl, Saber or Tohsaka Rin?

Of course there are MANY other fine ladies in Fate/Stay Night, but I can't stand Sakura, so she is right out, and Illyasviel von Einzbern is probably way to young to talk about as being sexy (but she still beats Sakura). Caster, hardly ever shows her face, and when she does, it isn't anything to write home about. That leaves Rider, who gets a heavy, heavy nomination for third place, but she isn't one of the main girls so she just can't compete. Sorry snake lady, but you do hold a special place in my heart.

Alright lets get down to it. This is a tough, tough competition. Unlike with the previous battle between Rei and Asuka (which I realize was more flame bait then actual provoked thought), it really is clear cut Asuka is sexier, and Rei is more classical beauty, or elegant.

If that is the criteria, then Rin would be sexier, being the default Tsunadre character, her sassy attitude gives her the sexier edge.

But, Saber is much more in touch with her sexuality, and in the Visual Novel in particular (and to a hinted degree in the anime) it is a way for her to refuel her power. Of course she isn't some wild women in bed, and when her and Rin actually do the deed together, Tohsaka takes the dominate role. But by default I think that makes Saber sexier, in that she is the object of desire by both Tohsaka and Emiya.

Alright, alright, this is getting a little dirty now, so let me reel it back a bit. After all, the sex is only part of the original Visual Novel and is only implied in the anime, and non existent in the PS2 adaption. So take that out of it.

Saber is a warrior, a fighter who tries to exude no sexuality at all. But I think that by definition makes her the sexier, and more attractive character because you constantly want to see through her walls she has put around herself, and when those walls come down (rarely) that is when you see her vulnerable side, where she blushes at embarrassment.

Tohsaka Rin on the other hand, still just seems sexier though. She's feisty and tough as nails too, and it is also nice to see her vulnerable side as well, but I think her overt experience is a slight turn off. But that is just me. At the end of the day I think I like her overall character better then Saber.

It doesn't help the fact that in the original VN each girl has her own respective path, where you see a deeper side of each character. Which maybe that deserves a look as well.

Saber ends up just being a fling. Despite her circumstances, her warlike nature can never allow her to live a normal peaceful life. So she would forever be that "summer romance" type girl that you never forget, but had to live without.

Tohsaka proves to be the type of girl that you can spend your whole life with, and even be the type of girl you turn yourself into a God for just to avenge her honor. That is pretty powerful stuff. But does that make one sexy?

It's still a tough call. By the strictest definition of the word I normally would go with Tohsaka Rin. However, as stated above with Saber, once the armor is gone, and you see her softer side you go from seeing her as a fighter, into a beautiful women almost instantaneously. You are overcome with her sexuality which was absent only moments before, and her power to seduce is intensified.

Yep I think Saber wins it by a nose. Hell, her sexiness was even enough for Tohsaka to question her own sexuality and switch teams. That alone I think proves Saber wins in a sexy fight.

Congratulations Saber, you are The Zeonic Front's Sexy (2D) Woman of the Month.