Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sony's Party-Shot Dock

When we was in Japan last year, one of the main landmarks we made sure to go to was the Sony Store in Tokyo. Other than embarrassing myself by feeling compelled to yell "It's Over 9000!!!" when that particular scene came up on the DBZ Burst Limit; the most fun I had there was playing with the Sony Cybershot camera that was setup with smile detection. It was sitting on a tripod in the middle of one of the busiest rooms taking pictures of all who were happy walking by. Now the Sony's BIONZ smile detection is nothing new, it's been around in their point and shoot cameras for a while. This though was my first exposure to it and it was a neat little trick. Walk towards the camera with a frown, then all of the sudden smile, and *Click*. It couldn't be fooled either.

As a Companion to a couple of new Cybershot Cameras Sony has announced the IPT-DS1 Party-shot. The Party-Shot is essentially a motorized dock that mounts to any tripod. It can pan 360 degrees and can tilt 24 degrees. So you can set it up at your next party, it will automatically move like a little Doppler antenna taking sneaky pictures of anyone actually having fun at your party. It's a really neat idea, great for large parties or weddings. I doubt I'll buy one, but it's something to look forward to.

See it in action --> CNET