Friday, August 7, 2009

RIP John Hughes

Today John Hughes' films are iconic windows into life as a teenager.  His stories are timeless opuses to Pain and anguish feeling like one doesn't fit in.  Most if not all Teenager's feel this way at some point, even it is only in their mind.  I wasn't a Teenager in the 80's so for me his movies had much less impact on me than "Can't Hardly Wait", "Ten Things I Hate About You", or "American Pie."  That said those movies wouldn't have even existed had it not been for John Hughes, he may not have invented the "Coming of Age" genre, but he mastered it.  Linked below is a great article from a woman who as a teen became John's Pen-Pal, and how that relationship affected her life.  It's a great tribute to the man to defined a genre for a generation.