Sunday, August 2, 2009

I am the bone of my sword....

Fate/Stay Night Movie! The teaser image shows a bunch of swords. If you have read the visual novel you know this is a reference to Unlimited Blade Works. This is also means a bag full of awesome.

Personally I loved the visual novel, but I could not make it though the anime. Just something about it put me off. I think I would have liked it more if they just stuck with the Fate storyline and not try to mix the other two story lines up with it. In any case it is generally accepted that the anime is based on the Fate scenario.

Currently, the Fate/Stay manga is directly based on the Ultimate Blade Works story line in the VN. This makes me fear for the movie slightly in that, perhaps they are going to cover each of the storylines in a different medium. Fate on TV, UBW in manga, which means the movie would be Heaven's Feel.

I'm not a huge fan of Heaven's Feel mostly because I can't stand Sakura, but the story itself is really good, and really really dark. So I have mixed emotions if that is the case.

Personally I am betting on Unlimited Blade Works for the movie. It is by far the most accepted story line of the three and has the best action of the three and would make a great action packed film.

So who knows what to expect, but I'm glad it is being made, after the bad taste the anime left with me.

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