Saturday, August 8, 2009

First it's SyFy, Now It's The Shack...

I swear to god, I wish Marketing people weren't clueless idiots. When it was announced six months, or so, ago that the cable stalwart of geekyness was changing it's name from SciFi to SyFy; I was flabbergasted. Their reasoning was so stupid and so cliche I had to make sure I wasn't watching an episode of The Office. I can only imagine what the meetings were behind the scenes at NBC with the marketing people were like. We want branding that is "Hip" and "In the Now." We want to be "proactive" in capturing the "Synergy" (Sy?) of today's "Dynamic" and "Changing" Markets. Do they really think people are this stupid?

Now we have The Shack. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the exact same marketing firm sold this pile of crap to RadioShack that sold it to SciFi. Let's be honest here, RadioShacks problem isn't their name or their brand image, it's the fact they sold out. If you loved electronics and loved doing things with electronics yourself RadioShack was your home away from home. Sometime in the last decade they thought that market was dieing, so they went all-in on consumer electronics. They missed their golden opportunity because they could have owned the Hobby and Custom PC markets. That Market was already theirs back in the 80's. If they had seized that market, instead of playing Johnny-Come-Lately to the Consumer Electronics biz we wouldn't be buying our computer parts from New Egg, Tiger Direct, or Fry's. The world doesn't need another place to buy an Iphone cover or cheep ass portable DVD player, what the world does need is a convenient place to buy a 10 ohm resistor, or a new Video Card or CPU.

I will make a bold prediction this "The Shack" marketing pitch and rebranding won't work, and RadioShack will be declaring bankruptcy and go the way of Circuit City in less than two years.