Monday, August 31, 2009

Disney buys Marvel

Holy Cross-over Batman... wait, wrong comic company.

Disney announced today they are going to buy Marvel for $4 Billion dollars!

Fanboy's are freaking out, expecting to see Micky Mouse in Punisher comics. Of course this will never happen, other then some comic meant for children (which Marvel has done before). So it's really no big deal.



Will Disney demand it be removed? Will they put it up in Disney World? Disney and Universal Studios have always had an amicable relationship, realizing the existence of each other only helps each other, kind of like a symbiote if you will, so I doubt anything will happen. But still it makes me worry a little.

The only thing greater in existence then the Spider-Man ride, is the entire country of Japan.

Please Disney do not let anything happen to the Spider-Man ride at Universal Studios.

Source: MSNBC

Update: It looks like the deal was finalized for the sum of $4 Billion. Frankly that's a heck of a deal considering the properties that Disney Got. Spiderman Alone is probably a $2 Billion Dollar business. Also the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Disney has no plans to change current deals with other studios regarding the properties; i.e. Fox and X-Men, Sony and Spiderman, Paramount and Marvel Studios. ~Critic

Source: WSJ