Thursday, August 13, 2009

Awww, Gundam Unicorn not comming to TV (Maybe)...

Newtype magazine has posted a correction to a story in their most current issue that casts some doubt that Gundam Unicorn will be coming to TV; possibly going to OVA route. Further More ANN reports:

The Sunrise anime studio itself had not specified the release format of the project, and Bandai President and CEO Kazunori Ueno said in April that "there are no plans to broadcast [another Gundam] television series in 2009."

Overall this is and isn't surprising. I seriously doubted that they could make a September 2009 release when Bandai didn't even announce it was green lit until March. What is surprising is the announcement that they weren't going to bring it to TV. They had already stated they were planning a global simultaneous release of the show; which would only make sense if they were planning on releasing it on TV in Japan.

All of that said, it would be odd for Bandai to have two competing Gundam Series vying for the hearts and minds of the Gundam fans at the same time. Gundam 00 is still going strong, and will have a theatrical movie coming out in 2010. I just couldn't imagine Bandai putting out another TV show, that would compete for both mind-share and merchandise, to sit along side Gundam 00.

What holds Gundam fans together is their love of all things Gundam; competing shows would case the fanboy's heads to explode. There would probably be riots in the streets, as the UC fanboys clashed with those johnny-come-lately CE fanboys. An Army of Char's marching down the street Breaking windows, and beating up those Yaoi 00 guys. I kid, I love 00, for the exception of Setsuna and Lock-on, the rest are a little Yaoified.

To me this is all indicative of what seems to be the complete bungling of the whole Gundam 30th anniversary celebration. It just seems they forgot it was coming up and threw everything together in March. Look at the Past anniversaries. 5th Anniversary brought Zeta Gundam, 10th anniversary brought Char's Counter Attack. They sort of celebrated the 20th anniversary for a whole 5 years, which brought us Gundam X, Gundam Wing, G Gundam Fighter, and Turn A Gundam. The Odaiba Statue is cool and all, and the Concert and Expo are great Ideas, they just seem a little lacking for something as important as 30 years of Gundam. What's most upsetting was Tomino was completely ready to make another Movie, and they didn't even ask him.

Source: ANN