Thursday, July 16, 2009

So much fanservice, so little time

Out of sheer guilty pleasure I started watching Queen's Blade. If you want some great ecchi fan service this show delivers in spades. The only other show I can think of that compares, is Ikki Tousen, and in my opinion Queen's Blade blows it out of the water.

Ikki Tousen tried too hard to force it's Romance of the Three Kingdoms plots and usually ended up too convoluted for its own good. Queen's Blade has a very simple premise, female warriors fight for the crown of Queen for four years.

Now if it was that simple of a show I wouldn't bother too much with it, but the individual characters stories are done really well, considering the show is a thinly veiled opportunity to show boobs on tv. The writers seem to have realized this and actually challenged themselves to come up with compelling stories. It reminds me in the 80s when cartoons started off pretty much the same episode every week (Megatron wants to destroy Earth, here come the Autobots), and then you can tell the writers got bored and started to build a mytholgy for the show (enter the Matrix). Except here on the outset the writers knew they were in trouble when handed the plot of the show so they started strong.

The main girl, Leina, story in the first episode didn't grab me too much, but the second episode with Tomoe was just excellent, and I really wish she was the main focus of the series. She is a Shinto Priestess and wants to become Queen to rid the church of corruption, but to do so she has to leave the temple behind. However her temple is attacked and she is forced to actually order her other Shinto priestess to suicide bomb the enemy. She makes the choice quick, but you can tell she is wholly disturbed by having to do this. In any case her character has the best motivation for becoming Queen when it is all said and done. But I am afraid the spoiled Princess, Leina, will eventually claim the crown.

Leina becomes a lot more interesting in the following episode where we see more of her human side. But I digress. I've already spent more time talking about this show then it probably deserves. But for what it is, it is enjoyable, and at least the story is interesting enough to keep you watching if the boobs alone aren't.

In any case, check out some of these lovely women from Queen's Blade. I like the elf girl on the right, Echidna, and yes that in a real snake she has for underware. And yes, the snake comes off frequently.