Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Now that that's out of the way...  

I'll be upfront.  I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan.  I haven't ready any of the books (mainly because scholastic won't get their greedy heads out of their asses and release them on Kindle), and I've only seen the "Prisoner of Azkaban" which, I did enjoy.  From what I had been hearing from the Media was that that "The Half Blood Prince" was a fairly close approximation in tone and quality to "Prisoner of Azkaban; so I decided I'd surrender my eight bucks to check it out at the theater.  I was sorely disappointed.

My first observation is that they have completely quit trying to make these movies for the uninitiated.  I should probably expect as much in a sixth movie in a series.  I wasn't disappointed so much by the lack of back story, which I didn't really need; what really annoyed my was the GIANT plot holes throughout the story.  I'm sure for the fan who lives and breaths Harry Potter some of these holes go by unnoticed.  Their brain actively fills them with the parts of the story they already know.  For me though it was very unsettling, and made temporal progressions unnatural and jarring.  Like all of the HP movies it's suppose to take place over an entire Hogwarts school year.  The adaptation in this respect was horrible as ever.   

All in all the content of the story was to be expected.  There was Drama where Drama is expected.  Angst where Angst is expected.  There was very little foreshadowing of the events to come, which one would expect from what should be "The Empire Strikes Back" of Harry Potter movies.  There was nothing earth shattering, and over all it was a waste of two hours and a half.  The Events that transpired in this movie could easily have been compressed in to a 30 minute prologue for "The Deadly Hallows."  Instead we got two hours and a half.  

This brings me to the End.  WORST EDITING EVER.  there was absolutely no resolution of the second act.  Which pretty much highlights my point that the first two acts were completely pointless wastes of time, and all we need was the third.  Here we are, invested in the lives and love interests of the Sixth year students of Hogwarts 90210, and all of the sudden out of nowhere...  "Harry, I'm afraid that again I must ask too much of you."  Thats it.  Act Thee.  The movie completely lost me at that point.  In fact I fell asleep.  Which I haven't done in a movie since "The Thin Red Line," which tops my list as worst movie ever.  So, because I fell asleep I don't have much to say about the Third act except that some guy yelled out "Snape Killed Dumbledore" a the appropriate time.  It was funny, highlight of the film, not worth eight bucks though.