Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ring of Gundam to be Shown at Gundam Big Expo

Yoshiyuki Tomino's animated short Ring of Gundam will be shown at the Gundam Big Expo this August.  The Gundam Big Expo is phase two of the year long 30th Anniversary Celebration; Phase one was the "Real G" life sized statue, and Phase 3 will be a concert of Gundam Music this fall (imagine a Two-Mix and T.M. Revolution on the same stage doing Just Communication or Invoke!).  It's not clear to me whether Ring of Gundam is completely original or some kind of Compliation.  Either way it's the first Gundam related material from Tomino since his New Compilation movies of Zeta Gundam in 2005/2006.  If it is new it's the first new stuff he's done since Turn A Gundam in 1999.  Based on the name I hope it brings things full circle, and expands on the idea from turn A that all of the Gundam timelines exist in the same Universe.  I hope this wets Tomino's appetite for the franchise.  Let's face it though, he doesn't have to work; he  makes some kind of residual from every single Gundam item and DVD sold by Bandai.