Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Queen's Blade: The Defense

So I take back what I said earlier about "spending too much time already" talking about Queen's Blade. I now only have two episodes left of the show and I am savoring them.

This show is excellent.

You won't hear many people admit that in anime circles. And no, I'm not claiming it is a hard hitting long lasting series like Eva or Gundam. Or am I even saying it will be remembered in 10 years, but it could very well be a genre defining anime. That genre of course being ecchi.

The reason I feel the shows needs a defense is against all the haters out there on message boards, who, as soon as a second season was announced, message boards everywhere (i.e. the anus of the internet according to a head producer of Gurren Lagann), went wild with screams of....

"This crap gets a second season but my precious __________ doesn't! This is what is wrong with the anime industry!"

Of course I'm sure most of these people haven't even watched Queen's Blade. It's reputation proceeds it. Nor is that to say that their precious anime of choice even NEEDS a second season. Most anime are developed with one season in mind to tell a full story. Or the complete opposite, they go on for hundreds of episodes with no end in sight. Rarely do we get a second season to a 12 or 24 episode season. I'll admit it is nice when we do, but it isn't a reflection of the success of the anime. The creators just decided to end it there and make the rest of their money on DVD and figure releases.

And here is where the breakdown happens. People think that Queen's Blade can't be taken seriously because of the fan service. Despite the fact that anime has had bare breasts in it for decades. Never to the degree of Queen's Blade perhaps, but if you take out the ecchi factor, and say, did Queen's Blade like Claymore. Tasteful sword and sorcery, no one would have a problem.

This is the problem. These same people will go apeshit if the media says video games are for kids and shouldn't have sexual themes. But then if their anime has sexual themes in it, they think it appeals to the lowest common denominator. Hypocrisy.

And this may come off as misogynistic or homophobic, but after slowly watching the anime fanbase being hijacked by female yaoi fans, it's nice to see this type of show come up and say, "Hey it's okay to enjoy this type of thing. Anime isn't just about gay vampires now."

This is milk on here face by the way... Holy Milk. Get your mind out of the gutter.