Thursday, July 23, 2009

Haruhi Watch deja vu

I guess I will make this a monthly feature now, and give everyone an update of the world of Haruhi.

Pretty much since I last posted about our Lordess and Savior, the entire Haruhi fan community has turned into a pit of rabid dogs and are just shy of breaking down the doors of Kyoto Animation and killing everyone inside.

As I predicted (pat myself on the back) the next new episodes were "Endless Eight". However, they are going on slightly longer then anyone could have imagined.

Basically it is Groundhog's Day and every day repeats itself over and over. Except imagine that the film Groundhog's Day consisted on one day in Bill Murray's life and then the sequel consisted of another day, until you are all the way up to Ground Hog's Day 20: Day 20. People would be pretty upset.

Seems that is what is happening on Haruhi right now. They are five episodes into this series with every episode being a very slight variation of the episode before it. The crazy thing is, no animation is being reused or recycled. It's all freshly animated. Same scenes over and over just from different angels.

Needless to say people are pissed. I'm not, but I am willing to give the producers a wide birth as they are known to pull these kind of pranks on their fanbase. In the end I am sure they have something grand in mind. And I still think all these new episodes are just teaser to an entirely new season after this one is done.

I also wonder if the producers face what Hideki Anno faced towards the end of Evangelion, and started to become disenchanted by the Otaku fanbase, and feels the need to get back at them in some way. Maybe they are trying to prove a point that the Otaku will watch anything with Haruhi slapped on it, even if it is the same thing over and over. Anno's efforts paid off and took the series to a whole new level. I don't know if the same can be said for Haruhi, but at least they are trying new things, I guess.

In any case I think I will just wait on watching any new Haruhi until this season is totally completed, and I can skip though some of this Endless Eight retread, without getting myself in a tizzy every weekend.