Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Guillermo Del Toro's Gummi Bears

After the Hobbit and hopefully Hellboy 3; taking on the Mythic Lore of The Gummi Bears would should be the next hard fantasy project for Del Toro.  Imagine a Live action version of the Kingdom of Dunwyn brought to life with Del Toro's awesome mix of Digital and Practical effects.  Gummi Bears, like most of the Disney Afternoon shows except for Bonkers, was actually a fairly sophisticated show.  Though it was episodic there were an over arching story line, and a fairly detailed back story regarding the Gummis and their universe.    The only question would could he make live action, walking and talking anthropomorphic bear not creepy.  I assume that the same question has befallen possible Live Action Care Bears Movie for 30 years.  Just think though if this is a hit it, like Transformers with Robot Movies and X-Men Comic Movies, could spawn an entire decade of 80's kiddy shows getting Serious Live Action treatment.  My Little Pony? Care Bears? The Smurfs?  The Shirt tails? Get Along Gang?