Monday, July 6, 2009

Eva 1.0 American Trailer

Link to Quicktime Trailer HERE

You know, over the years I've become a subsnob (or is it dubsnob), where listening to a dubbed anime is about on par with listening to nails being dragged across a chalkboard. And there are many cringe-worthy moments even in this trailer, as most the actors still feel they are in a Bugs Bunny cartoon and need to use voices that you would never hear people speak with in day to day life.

However, since the first time I watched Eva was with the dubbed actors, I was gleeful to hear at least Misato's voice (played wonderfully by Allison Keith), taking a much darker tone then in the series. Also, even though Spike Spencer's Shinji is a little overboard for my particular tastes, it was still nostalgic, and I am glad they got him on board.

And even though she isn't in this film, Tiffany Grant will always be #1 Asuka in my book. I wish they could make a special feature on the Blu-Ray at least, where you could pick which actors you like for certain voices. I think I would keep Tiffany Grant as Asuka, and Allison Keith as Misato, and maybe Aaron Krhon as Kaji. I think all those choices would even make sense within the storyline. I mean Asuka and Kaji were both in America, and Misato probably lived overseas for a while. And they all work in a UN so they have to be multilingual. I also like to think a post-Second Impact society has learned to communicate with other races better.

Okay maybe I'm stretching it, but I would still like to pick my voice actors on American DVD releases.

In any case I am glad Funimation is finally putting this out, and it is great they are getting it to come to theaters.

Now ADV what is the status on the Live Action Evangelion?