Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Reeses Pieces

I wish I had something more thoughtful to post about but I don't. But I thought I should talk a minute about how completely marvelous The Reeses Company is.

Reeses Pieces are my favorite of their products, and yes, that love goes back to June 11th (day before my first birthday) 1982. That day of course was the day E.T. came to theaters and put Reeses Pieces over the top of the M&M monster. But to give a movie sole credit is just wrong. If the product itself wasn't so damn good, I wouldn't be singing their praises even to this day.

Reeses' Peanut Buttercup's I don't love quite as much, but sometimes, they just hit the spot like no other candy alternative. I also recall a fine bit of advertising pizazz on Reeses part when they ran ads in the early 90's featuring all the different ways to eat a Reeses Peanut Buttercup. Of course this had every kid in school going to the vending machine and proving to their friends they could eat the middle out of those suckers.

That isn't to say Reeses don't have their dark side. Unlike many other candies on the market, it is very possible to "buy a bad bag" of Reeses Pieces or Peanut Buttercups. Sometimes that peanut butter inside goes bad, and while the end result isn't horrible, it just tastes off. By this I mean it doesn't taste completly revolting, but it tastes bad enough to ruin the expierence for a few months. This is a tradegy. Also, the perfered way to eat Reeses Pieces is in the default normal consumer bag. Not the giant bag you buy at the movie theaters. There is a much higher probability you will get some stale Reeses' in the movie theater sized bag, and will thus ruin your Reeses' eating experience, AS WELL AS possibly ruining the movie you are watching! Now that is a heavy price to pay for a large bag of Reeses'. You are much better off going with a Movie Theater Candy "standard" such as Sour Patch Kids or Snow Caps. You know, candies you don't buy when you are out and about.

This failings aside, Reeses' still stand out as my candy of choice, though I do treat them like a fine wine. Not "all the time" candies (as the new and not-improved Cookie Monster would say), but good when the work day is just going a little too long, or when you pop in that DVD of E.T. (just make sure you have the small package and not the economy size).