Friday, June 5, 2009

Haruhi Watch 2009

If you know anything about Haruhi, you know the poor fans have gone through quite a rough year trying to nail down when new episodes would finally be shown.

Well a couple of weeks ago, the producers finally stopped trolling the fans, and decided to premiere "Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody", the first new Haruhi episode in years. The episode was a fresh return to form, but now the fans are back wondering, "What next?" "What will be the episode layout from here on out?" "When will we get new episodes?"

So in an attempt to make this easier I've tried to find out when the NEXT new Haruhi Suzumiya episode will air.

As of today, the 10th episode to air is "Remote Island Syndrome" part I. So at least next week is confirmed to be another rerun.

So far all we have is speculation. The general concensus is the next new episode will air June 18th and will be called "Endless Eight".

Now I am not really with it as to how the episodes actually fit chronologically with the original light novels, so I'm sure the above assessment is corect. But I wouldn't be surprised if they just let the series run through episode 14 (old one) "Some Day in the Rain" and then finally start advertising a new season of Haruhi. "Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody" was a bone they threw in for the fans. But for a show as big as Haruhi to forego hardly any REAL advertising outside of its fanbase seems like a mistake.

My theory is that in a few weeks we will start seeing new ads for new episodes to begin either imediatly or a week or so after "Season 1" officially ends. That will have built up the hype train enough for people who haven't gotten into the series yet to finally jump onboard.

But I will still be filled with anticipation on June 18th in hopes of a new episode being aired.