Friday, June 19, 2009

ANN Interviews Yoshiyuki Tomino

Yoshiyuki Tomino the creator of the Original Mobile Suit Gundam series is the Guest of Honor this weekend at Anime Fest in NYC.  ANN was fortunate to be able to Interview him.  Nothing to Exciting or New in the interview; it is the first time I've seen him speak directly about his change of perspective in his story telling from his early days.  In the 80's his nickname was "Kill-em-all Tomnio" because he had a tendency to kill almost every single character except the main protagonist at the end of the show.  Starting with Turn A Gundam his outlook change, and decided that anime was an entertainment form.  Anime should be uplifting and inspirational.    Now that I've finished the TV run of Z Gundam I must take a look at the Compilation Trilogy he made for Theaters in 2005/2006, because apparently in his Retread he has modified the story quite a bit to make it match his modern frame of mind.    I plan a more in depth review of Z Gundam shortly, but I will say this; I have no idea how you make that story upbeat.  

[ANN]  There are some who say that your philosophy in life has changed over the years. They point to the differences between the Z Gundam series and the Z Gundam movies that were made two decades later. Do you feel you have a more positive or negative outlook on life?

[YT]  Until I was middle-aged, I liked to cram my frustrations into my works. However, my mindset changed when I realized that anime is an entertainment medium, and it has to be something people look forward to. That line of thinking is plain to see in the Z Gundam movies.In other words, the films were an expression of the fact that by nature, all people have both a positive side and a negative side.

Link to Whole Interview at ANN